The Science of KnowingTM
Dedicated to the Pursuit and Attainment of Happiness TM

About Us

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The Science of KnowingTM  is
a curriculum for L.I.F.E.*
dedicated to the pursuit and attainment of happiness.  
It's a journey within with great rewards.

Know what you want.
Know what you don't want.
Know who you are and what you are really here to be, do, and have.

Choose to make your life a science experiment, dig deep,
discover what makes you happy, and take your place in the world.

"How do I do that?" you may be asking.  
The answers lie within, and only you know what's best for you.
Here are 3 steps to begin your journey:   
(Hint:   It's simple, but it isn't always easy.) 

Step One:  

Pay attention to the thoughts you have for your life
Step Two:
Trust your intuition
Step Three:
Take inspired action

To learn more about The Science of Knowing (TM) curriculum,
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*L.I.F.E. -  Learning In the Field of Experience

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